value synergy Ltd.

we do procurement, logistics and marketing communication services.


Value Synergy Ltd started as an event photography business in 2008 and evolved into a marketing communication company.

Clients’ needs and order fulfilment afforded us the opportunity and experience in procurement and supply chain management services. Today, we have the capability to procure and manage physical,

digital and online assets for business visibility, logistics services for tracking inputs and finished products supplies, industry event participation and training of human assets. We are specialist in growing business, brands and improving business leads.


To build a specialized procurement, marketing communication, logistics and supply chain management company.

What we do:

We support the growth of customers businesses in diverse ways.

  1. Procurement and logistics services by which we ensure that only client-specified and approved authentic traceable steel material and equipment are sourced and delivered to order so that safety of workers and environment is ensured through out the life cycle of the project. 
  2. Marketing communication gives us the opportunity to grow clients’ businesses through customized business visibility services, that converts leads to patronizing clients.
  3. Serialization and warehouse solution enable us to serve clients and support their business growth by providing solutions that mitigate impact of product counterfeiting, brand adulteration, manufacturing defects and theft.
  4. Through Consulting and advisory services, we provide workable solutions to entrepreneurs and business owners with consulting services on their special orders surrounding business growth issues.
  5. We do application process advisory services to assists applicants with advisory services on how to complete and submit online applications, including for academic admissions to schools abroad and for study visas.
  6. Through agency partnerships, we represent some of the best technology solutions partners and OEMs brands and they support us, in some projects, from project initiation to integration.

We have positioned to ensure that we are your one-stop-shop in the solutions we provide. Therefore send in your requests and let us deliver our service excellence.