Global Industrial Sourcing

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Global Industrial Sourcing

Company Overview:

Established in 2008, Value Synergy Limited is a dynamic procurement, supply chain management, and marketing communication solutions company. Committed to delivering excellence, we have been a reliable partner for businesses, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and enhancing profitability.


To be a top-tier procurement strategy and supply chain solutions company, consistently delivering competitive quality services and unparalleled value to our esteemed clients.


Value Synergy Ltd is dedicated to being a leading, innovative procurement and supply chain management solutions provider. Our commitment includes adopting best practices, embracing modern technology, leading within our market sector, ensuring long-term returns for stakeholders, fostering rewarding careers, and contributing as a responsible corporate citizen.

Corporate Commitment:

We are devoted to maintaining high-value product and service delivery to clients through safe, timely, and effective procurement strategies and supply chain management. Our staff embodies this commitment in every aspect of service delivery, aiming to continually delight clients with exceptional products and services.

Target Audience:

Our tailored global industrial sourcing solutions cater to traders, distributors, project owners, budding entrepreneurs, and businesses in fabrication, construction, processing, and manufacturing. We specialize in sourcing from Europe, Asia, and the USA, offering timely, customized services focused on original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our expertise extends to immigration and logistics consulting, including facilitating factory visits and providing air flight itinerary guidance.

Product Range:

We specialize in sourcing top-quality industrial products, including:

  • Valves
  • Steel pipes and accessories
  • Aluminium profiles and accessories
  • Welding equipment and accessories
Micro-welding Machine

Sourcing Process:

Our meticulous procurement process ensures clients consistently receive the exact products and services they desire. Visit our website’s project experience section to witness our successful track record.

Competitive Edge:

  • Competitive pricing aligned with market forces
  • Proficiency in interpreting and executing client specifications
  • Attention to detail and proactive mitigation of clients’ pain points


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