Solar Power Solution

The rising cost of maintaining power has become a pain in the neck for homes and businesses in Nigeria. This has now been compounded by the constant fuel scarcity and generator breakdown due to wear and tear.

This situation has led to the demand for alternate power solutions. Several power solutions have been discovered and deployed to various power supply demands. Renewable energy solutions, which are mostly derived from solar power, are the most cost-effective for domestic and mid-scale industrial energy demands.

Solar Power demand:

Due to inadequate electric energy supply from the national grid, there have been various demands for electric power supply. These have been categorized based on the load that the electric power source is expected to carry. Creativity in electric power solution demands has brought about the emerging dependence on renewable electric energy sources.

Solar Power
Community Solar Street Light Project

These demands range from:

  • Domestic renewable energy needs
  • Community solar street light needs
  • Uninterruptible power supply requirements for continuous production machines
  • City street light requirements.

To meet the above-mentioned lighting needs, we use renewable energy to resolve these needs and have found it very cost-effective in the long run because of the renewable energy features of the equipment we deploy.

solar light
Solar Street Light front and Panel at the back, as one unit

The solution to Your Electric Power needs:

Solar Power solution comprises the use of a combination of genuine and authentic solar panels, solar power controllers, inverters, heavy-duty inverter batteries, solar lights, and accessories.

Use our services because we deliver turn-key renewable energy and solar street light projects, using authentic equipment only from renowned manufacturers whose products we have tested on projects and confirmed reliable. We deliver reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions that fit your budget.

We are available to listen to your concern and make appropriate renewable power supply configuration that meets your need. Our solutions are upgradeable whenever you need an upgrade.

Solar Street Light Poles

Solar Power System:

Solar power systems comprise inverters, deep recycle batteries, solar charge controllers, connection cables, and solar panels. It is a clean and silent source of electric power at homes and offices.

The advantage of solar power systems over generators is the almost free maintenance cost, no emissions, simplicity of operation, and affordable.

Installation is easy and flexible, and the electrical connections in the home or office can be sorted to power only the appliances that are required to be powered by the solar power system.

We procure and install solar power systems and mini solar grids for both domestic and industrial use.

Solar power system
This 1.5 KVA solar power system powers about 5 KVA load with sunlight.

current work experience:

We are currently providing solar streetlights to a rural community in Delta State. This is in response to the challenge of darkness in that community at night and also to improve security through monitoring the movement of persons at night.

Our solar streetlights are equipped with motion detectors that trigger the brightness of the light whenever any motion is detected. In this way, the attention of vigilante personnel who monition night activities in that community are attracted to appropriate attention.

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