Corporate Information

value synergy


Value Synergy Limited was established in 2008 as a procurement, supply chain management, and marketing communication Solutions Company. We have since served and continue to serve our clients in these areas of business, taking away avoidable costs from their processes and improving profit.


Our vision is to build a top procurement strategy and supply chain solutions company, delivering competitive quality services and value to customers.

In achieving this vision, we shall keep improving our capability in managing client’s brands/businesses for sustainable long-term returns


Value Synergy Ltd will be a leading, innovative procurement and supply chain management solutions Company offering competitive high-value services to all clients.

In serving our customers, Value Synergy Ltd will:

  • adopt best practices in client service and relationship management
  • be at the forefront of modern technology
  • be a market leader (within the market sector of our operation)
  • provide excellent long-term returns to all stakeholders
  • provide rewarding career prospects to its employees
  • contribute to society as a good corporate citizen

Corporate Commitment

  • To achieve and maintain very high-value product and service delivery to our clients through safe, timely, and effective, quality procurement strategy and supply chain management
  • To ensure that our staff understand and communicate this commitment in service delivery
  • To continually delight our clients with high-quality products and services
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