Leadership is not about quick success!

 It is about leading with patience.

I watched on YouTube, the interview between Eric Worre and David Imonitie. It was incredible and fascinating for me. They dwelt on how discipline and structure is necessary in creating the kind of results we want to see. It was interesting to note, from that interview, that network marketing business is not a quick success business as some promoters erroneously make people want to believe. It takes time, practice, personal development, hard work and what I will refer to as positive team playing, to build a successful career in network marketing business, and in fact, leadership.

It was demonstrated that patience is actually golden, in the creation of genuine success that we all crave for. Environment is also important because, if not checked, it could actually start shaping, negatively, the kind of result and success that could be achieved.

Row model and mentorship was emphasized in this interview. David’s story focused on that, at the beginning, and how holding on to his dream picture, has contributed immensely to what he is today. The need to seek and find people who have achieved the kind of success you aspire to achieve helps in substantiating your dream, assuring you that it is achievable.

This story is better told when you watch the video of the actual interview, use the link below.

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