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How To Improve Sales Using a Corporate Website

At my previous employment, I was posted to one of the subsidiaries to function as the business development and marketing manager based on management’s decision to reposition that business for growth.

As I moved there, I did a gap analysis to ascertain how and where to make the most impact in repositioning that subsidiary for growth. Getting it right with marketing showed up as the first priority and the main action and task to focus on. I created a few website pages for the corporate website to showcase the products and services of my subsidiary which the IT team implemented.

My team comprised mostly tactical salespeople who were very good with follow-up but not strong with soft skills for cold-calling and lead generation. They didn’t pay much attention to the corporate website and were also not receptive to having a new member who they perceived as not knowing customers of the business, becoming their boss. This was made obvious from the few team meetings and strategy sessions I organized for us to come up with a strategic marketing solution for the business.

There was this need to prove to my team that I was bringing value to the business. I, therefore, took charge of the function of cold-calling and lead generation to create increase the customer base. So my routine was more of SMS marketing, social media marketing, and telemarketing. I created a Facebook page for the business to enhance my social media marketing.

My then finance manager didn’t have any conviction in my strategy and was giving a negative report to the management about my function. This was creating issues with my colleagues, especially those in the account section, who concluded that, as a marketing manager, my office is at the customers’ locations and not in the office.

So when I report to the office every morning and work inside my office for almost the whole day, it was “a waste of companies time and assets”. Trying to verbally explain to them my daily routine of “spending time on the laptop and the internet only created more problems for me because my predecessor never use to spend so much time sitting in the office when sales were down”, the finance man reported.

To compound the matter, I was always on the internet and on social media! I even went further to create a Facebook page for the business. The accounts department, after paying the bill for bulk SMS for 2 or 3 months decided to stop paying subsequent requests. However, I kept responding to streams of leads that my online activities were generating and I started visiting some of the leads. I also shared the new contacts with the sales team for follow-up. They complied and revenue started improving.

We were able to raise the monthly turnover from about N2.5M to N80M and above in less than 3 years!

This was possible because I deployed my business development knowledge and digital marketing skills to move that business’s poor monthly revenue to new heights. I simply optimized existing assets (website, sales team, content development skills, and marketing communication skills) to improve sales revenue.

Team working is very essential in this project. Inter and intra-communication within marketing and sales departments, and other departments must be effective. In as much as the key players in sales improvement in any organization are the marketing and sales team, the non-cooperation of any other department in the organization could pose a show-stopper.

It also entails making some expenses. If the marketing plan is not convincing enough and the accounts department (accountant, finance controller) does not buy into the project effectively, they will act on their boss’s instructions regarding the marketing budget, at their own convenience not minding the negative effects of the delays on the sales targets.

If all these issues are taken care of effectively, the ‘How to Improve Sales Using Website Optimization’ flow chart above, will be easy to implement and sales revenue will be on a continuous growth path!

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