How 2 decorate my home like an interior designer?

What should I include in interior decoration?

Interior decoration may be termed as the art of making the interior of a home fit for purpose. So if it is a bedroom space, it must have a bed, walls, lighting, floor, gadgets, bedding, and the likes that are very inviting and comfortable for sleep.

Likewise, a living room, whether small or large, should have furnishings and fittings that agree aesthetically with the overall ambiance of the style of the living room. The use of quality and tastefully created home décor should blend with the style concept for the interior decoration of the living room.

The same description applies to halls for events such as weddings, conferences, exhibitions, and seminars. The overall décor of these respective halls must be fit and safe for purpose, and agree with the functional ambiance concept for respective events.

How can I decorate my home like an interior designer?

To decorate your home like an interior designer, you need to research how the interior designer thinks in terms of space management and theme selection for the various aspects of your home, for example, Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and toilets.

For where to start, I suggest you start from: The color theme for your home.

Would you prefer white, bright colors or dark colors?

Your choice of color theme will decide the colors of your walls for the respective rooms. If you choose white, then your living room should have white walls while the bedrooms should also have white.

Also, if the theme is white, for all sizes of rooms, I recommend you use dirt-resistant, white (water base-acrylic) paints for the walls. You could then choose the finish type from either flat, satin, semi-gloss, or eggshell. The advantage of water-based acrylic paint is that they are washable and dry to touch in 30 minutes. These acrylic paints are available on the amazon online store. This affiliate link will take you to the water-based acrylic paint section of the amazon.com store where you can select paints that meet your needs.

For other parts of the house, if you wish to use more than a color, then choose from a blend of white shades like off-white, light grey, or light ash.

How do you select furniture for your livingroom?

Living Room Furniture (Image Credit: Amazon)

When the color theme of the home has been decided, then decide the color of the floor of your Livingroom. I suggest shades of deep brown or brown color. These contrast well with white walls. Whatever your preference, it should be such that blends with your choice and the color of your furniture and fittings.

Your living room should be demarcated with a matching carpet. This carpet should contrast with the color of the floor. It will look even better if it is a shade of the color of your furniture. Some people like their rug with plain color design or patterned. Make your choice as you desire it to fit.

There are other accessories for your living room and the walls of your home to add aesthetics to the general ambiance of the home.

Dining (Image Credit: Amazon)

Lighting adds to the aesthetics of your home. Some of the lights to focus on are the corner lights, wall, and dining lights. Chandeliers are common in decorating the dining but, they should be installed such that it doesn’t knock anybody’s head. Check some of them here.

What should you do with the kitchen?

Air Fryer (Image Credit: Amazon)

The kitchen could be said to be the engine room of every home. Its main function is to provide a convenient place to make food for the home. It is also a place highly prone to fire and burns accidents because of the use of naked fire and hot liquids. Therefore there is a need for holistic planning for decorating your kitchen.

Kitchen equipment should be professionally arranged, for ease of use in the kitchen. The floor should be of anti-slip floor materials. The use of anti-fatigue mats is also encouraged because of leg fatigue due to long-standing time in the kitchen. See some good mats here.

Your kitchen also needs to be free of pests like cockroaches. This improves the quality of life in your home. The most effective way to rid your home and kitchen of cockroaches is the use of cockroach baits. All you need to do is have little quantities around places in the kitchen that can hide cockroaches easily, especially corners of kitchen cabinets. Get good cockroach baits here.

How do i get my kitchen ready for fire incident?

Fire incident occur when in the kitchen, fire suddenly gets out of your control. You need to get prepared to deal with fire before it becomes an inferno.

Avoid fire Accident (Image Credit: Google)

It is recommended to practice fire safety at home, especially with the style you chose to setup your kitchen. Setting up your kitchen in a professionally organized fashion cannot be over-emphasized, and it is the beginning of the practice of fire safety at home. Then Firefighting equipment for domestic use is also necessary to be in their rightful places in and around the kitchen.

To that effect, firefighting with fire blankets, fire extinguishers, and other domestic firefighting equipment, and tips, can’t be overstated. Use this Amazon affiliate link to watch the use fire blankets in the kitchen and see various fire extinguishers suitable to buy for your kitchen.

Usually, the general purpose (A B C) fire extinguishers are recommended for homes. In all cases of fire incident getting out of your control or fire outbreaks around you , call the firefighters first and get to a safety immediately, Click here for quality fire extinguishers and fire blankets on amazon store.

How do I decorate my bedroom?

Ladies are more passionate about the looks of their homes, especially their bedrooms.

The bedroom is feminine in décor. The furniture, beds, and the lights for decorating the bedroom are a mix of creatively selected elements, including beddings and window blinds to make the room cozy and of calm ambiance. Your taste, financial circumstance, and culture will influence your choice of quality and taste of the decors for the bedroom.

I suggest that you invest a reasonable amount in procuring a bed made of good quality. That is because it is said that we spend about 75% of our life lying down, so a good bed and mattress are paramount for our health and wellbeing. The bed is not one of those items that are shopped for all time, a reasonable amount of investment should be considered when choosing the bed for your bedroom. Get one of a long lasting quality, one you can be very comfortable with for at least ten years.

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Do i need to pay much attention to my bathroom?

O yes! you need to pay serious attention to decorating your bathroom. In my view, your attention should be more on the health and safety of your bathroom first.

In selecting and buying items decorating your bathroom, take into consideration of potential of slip hazards prevalent in the bathroom. Up to 234,00 adults and teenagers suffer slip hazards in the bathroom annually. It is so bad that bad that about 33% of that number of US elderly require hospitalization following bathroom accidents. (credit: google search).

Therefore, decorating the bathroom of homes generally requires adequate attention to safety.

The bathroom is an essential part of the home. Its functions are to make life in that space or home habitable. It is not a place to be neglected because if neglected, it is at the peril of the health and wellbeing of members of the home. Bathrooms should have good-looking toilet sets for professional cleaning and easy upkeep. Health and safety in the bathroom are paramount, so the floor must be of anti-slip materials to avoid slip hazards due to slippery wet floors.

For more on toilet décor, click here.

How do I eliminate cockroaches from my home?

Cockroaches and pests in homes reduce the quality of comfort and life in homes. There are several means of getting rid of roaches and pests at home but certain techniques have proven more effective, enduring and safer than others.

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Decorating your house like an interior designer requires more creativity than budget. getting to lookup home interior magazines and sites will increase your ability to conceptualize what will be good for your home.

A few tips on budgeting to guide you:

  • Do not spend too much on items that require replacement within a short duration
  • Pay more attention and budget on items that will last a long time (<10years) such floors, furniture, bed, mattresses, Kitchen equipment, etc.
  • You may invest a little more to get quality paint that is dirt-resistant and washable. It adds to the clean and luxury looks of your walls.

Do not let budget be a constraint, do your interior decoration, a phase at a time.

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