Simple Guide To Using Business Websites to Generate Leads

A business website is a very important online asset for any business that wants to scale its marketing efforts and revenue. Building a business website should be creatively customized to serve the goal of the brand or business

Do you want to customize a website to meet the brand essence and to attract qualified leads to the business?

Are you seeking how to grow revenue and profit for your business?

a simple step-by-step guide to building and managing Lead generation:

  1. Choose and register a domain name that befits your brand/business name. You may need the services of a good website designer to set up your website and select a reliable web hosting company
  2. Ensure your website has ‘About Us’, ‘Services’, ‘Blog’, and ‘Contact’ pages, depending on your type of business and what you need your website to achieve.
  3. Link all your business social media handles to your website. If your current social media handles are not connected to your website, get a website designer or your web designer to connect.
  4. Create and share your email content: your email campaign strategy should include using your list and other online internet resources for sharing and reading emails. Study these tools to understand how they will work for your online growth.
  5. To automate your email message to grow your email list, using online tools linked to your website will make it seamless and scalable. Some of them have a readymade, plug-and-play format, just follow the steps and your campaign is set up seamlessly in a concise time. They have free trials so that makes it easy to try and see its effectiveness.
  6. Start writing about interesting topics, paste them on the blog section of your website, and upload them. Copy the URL of that particular blog post and paste it on your respective social media pages with appropriate introductory messages and posts.
  7. Ensure your posts have relevant images to attract readership.
  8. You can then boost your post by posting on the respective social media. 
  9. To grow your social followers organically, use online tools which enable you to manage all your social media handles seamlessly with just one dashboard. Do SEO on all your post to get readers organically. They are not completely free but the expense of a paid version will be justified shortly. Some of them are very good for particular social media handles.
  10. Then engage your leads actively for conversion to sales and patronage. Use your online social media tracking and campaign tools to track your progress. Keep your attention on the analysis section of the tool.

Content development for leads:

Content development is the key to attracting traffic to your website. If you’re not conversant with content creation, you may start by downloading images relevant to your target audience and writing about the features and benefits of your brand. Content includes images, graphics, videos, written copies, trademarks, etc., which are available freely online. If you have the budget, employ the services of marketing agencies to take care of your content development.

You will require email, blog posts, and social media scripts, for the lead-generation activities of your website. Certain objectives need to be in place to keep your campaign focused.  For instance, growing your email list, social community followership and effective engagement should be part of the objective, so you need to have an automated responder to manage your email collections so you can retarget your list with new products or services and news about your business later.

Generating leads online requires creativity and consistency in giving value through useful write-ups which are then shared on various social media platforms. In these written contents you can then share your website’s URL where your product and services are well explained.

If yours is an e-commerce website, you may need to read about an automated marketing funnel which comprises a website builder, Landing Page, and email marketing tool here.

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